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Frequently Asked Questions

What does this service cost?

Our standard size meals are $11, and Alpha sized meals are $13. Other specialty items (breakfast, kids meals, specialty plates, etc.) are priced individually when we blast out our menu twice weekly.
New customers enroll with a $30 start up cost that covers a brand spankin’ new cooler that they keep for life, along with ice service upon every delivery. We charge $4 per delivery.

What if I have specific dietary guidelines?

We can certainly make magic happen. Give us a call or request a phone call when you submit your menu request online. We’d love to work with you.

I have an allergy.

Sorry to hear that. Please let us know, and we will do our very best to work with you!

How many calories are in each meal? What about my macros?

Calorie and macros are listed right on the box. We offer four size meals (you read that right!) to help you reach your goals.

Standard size is approximately 400 calories. 4-5oz protein, 1/3cup carbs, and veggies.

No-carb runs approximately 350. 4-5oz protein & double veggies.

Alpha meals are approximately 550-600 calories. 7-9oz protein, double carbs, heavy veggies.

Caveman meals are approximately 450-500. 7-9oz protein & double veggies.


While these are not FDA regulated, we aim to be spot on for proper tracking & goal-reaching.

I’m a big burly person with a huge appetite. Will these meals fill me up?

We make a special Alpha line just for fine folks like yourself.  2x carbs + extra protein, and $13 instead of $11. Simply specify that you would prefer alpha size when ordering!

Is there a minimum or maximum order?

We have a 2 meal minimum for delivery orders.

How do I reheat the meals?

Rip off the lid and pop the meal straight in the microwave. Heat, eat, and toss. No dishes!

Do I need to be home to receive my delivery?

Certainly not. We include a brand new cooler in your start up cost to increase the convenience factor, but do ask that your meals make it inside to refrigeration ASAP. If you forget to leave your cooler out, our drivers will supply an insulated bag and ice pack for you for a cool $6– leaving your meals to the elements is not our jam!

I have a guard or gate code. How will my meals be delivered?

Please provide the gate code in your shipping address. If you have a guard gate, let’s chat and we’ll provide you with your driver’s name to add to your permanent list.

Do you cater?

Absolutely! Give us a call to place an order.