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We offer 2 NEW menus every week and you can order any day of the week!

Ordering for one menu is open from Saturday morning until Tuesday at midnight. Pickup or Delivery is Wednesday afternoon.

The other menu is open from Wednesday morning until Friday at midnight. Pickup & delivery is Sunday morning. 

Order 4-5 days worth of meals at a time to maximize freshness and variety!

Text “Diced” to 31996 or click “TEXT REMINDERS” to have new menu reminders sent directly to your cell phone.

You may shop in store at your leisure, but we suggest ordering to ensure we have your favorites set aside for you- they sell fast! We are closed on Mondays.

955 Grier Dr. Las Vegas NV 89119 #D2

Hours Monday thru Friday 10am to 8pm

Saturday and Sunday 11am to 8pm

We believe in fresh ingredients start to finish, and locally sourced when possible. This lends itself well to our ever-changing menu, that way we can source the best quality of seasonal selections!

Our seafood is sourced wild caught, we butcher meat in house, and purchase organic as often as possible. 

Our meals average $8-$14, ranging from breakfast items to specialty plates and “feeds 2” portions. Prices are all listed on the menu ordering form!

New customers may enroll with a $30 start up cost that covers a brand spankin’ new cooler that they keep for life, along with ice service upon every delivery. This is optional.


We’re here to serve you.

Customers can order from our twice weekly menu at your pace, in the amounts you want. Menus are sent directly to your phone and are on the homepage when live. Text “Diced” to 31996 to get menus sent your way!

Alternatively, we do offer a subscription service that can be canceled anytime prior to the current cut-off time for the next upcoming delivery. Some clients find it easiest to have us send a variety of meals every week, Please reach out directly to Natalee@DicedKitchen.com to inquire. 

We’d love to work with you. Feel free to give us a buzz at 702.820.8624! Most Allergens are listed on the menu and meal descriptions (gluten, nuts, shellfish, etc.)

Please let us know, and we will do our very best to work with you! While we pride ourselves on high standards when it comes to working with clients with allergies, our products are prepared in spaces that may contain shellfish, nuts, gluten, and dairy. PLEASE let us know in the note section any allergies you may have so we can do our best to accommodate or make substitutions to your meals.

Approximate caloric content and macros are listed right on the box.   

“Standard” size is approximately 400 calories. “Lean” meals are approximately 300-350. 4-5oz protein & double veggies, no starch. We also offer a bulk al a cart ordering section so you may order proteins, carbs and veggies in bulk to your liking and create your own meals.

Rip off the lid and pop the meal straight in the microwave, stovetop, or boiler bag.

Heat, eat, and toss. No dishes!

Please read heating recommendations on each meal.

Certainly not.

You may opt in to a Cooler Kit for your deliveries to increase the convenience factor if you know you will not be home, and we ask that your meals make it inside to refrigeration ASAP.

If you forget to leave your cooler out and no one is around to answer the door, our drivers will supply an insulated bag and ice pack for you for a cool $6– leaving your meals to the elements is not our jam! It’s yours to keep!

Seeing as we live in the desert, it’s best to strive to get meals into your home quickly. We’ll always do our part!

Please provide the gate code in your shipping address.

If you live in a guard gated community, we’ll provide you with your driver’s name to add to your permanent list. Please also add “Diced Kitchen” as an approved guest on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Absolutely! Give us a call to place an order.