About Us

Diced Kitchen

Diced Kitchen was started as a meal prep solution for our personal training clients while on leave with our new daughter, Stella. While we have grown to serve the entire Las Vegas Valley, we take pride in serving one client at a time. 

Our Fresh Ingredients

We are lucky to partner with our farmer, Claudia, at Desert Bloom Eco Farm for many of our fresh ingredients. Often, she calls us first thing in the morning, pulls our produce from the ground, and delivers fresh that afternoon.

See: Stella checking on her (your) fresh greens.

How it Works

New menus created and delivered twice weekly. Order online by Tuesday night at midnight for Wednesday delivery/pick up, and order by Friday night at midnight for Sunday delivery/pick up.

Forget to order? Shop our market open every day! We stock up meals for your easy grab-&-go shopping pleasure!